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Plant a Tree this spring

As you may have guessed, Spring is one of the best times to plant a tree although you can plant a tree year round.  I always shied away from planting a tree when I was younger because I had a lot of questions rattling around in my subconscious.  Where's the best place to plant it?  How big of a hole do I need to dig?  What are all of the steps involved?  I thought this site had good info around how to plant trees.  This video also gave a thorough overview.  

If you decide to purchase a tree from us, Eternitree's trees are in smaller containers and aren't that complicated to plant. Here are the instructions:

  • Remove the tree from the shipping box. The tree comes in a plastic bag to protect the soil, you can remove it from my pot. (Do not remove the pot until you are ready to plant.)
  • Water and place the tree outside
  • As mentioned above, you can plant the tree any time of the year. Just make sure there is no competition for space such as other plants or grass. Try to find places with well drained soil
  • Ready to plant? Dig a hole 6 – 8 inches wider than the tree. Loosen some of the soil in the hole and take the tree out of the pot
  • Hold the tree straight and fill the hole with moist soil. Plant it 1 inch deeper than the ground line on my trunk

Congrats, your tree is planted!  The first year, you'll want to water it every 3 weeks or so and weekly in the summer.  

Not that bad, right?  I've planted several over the years and they've all done well.  Feel free to contact us if you have questions.  Best of luck and don't be afraid!


  • Post author
    Dan Lanchoney

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