About Us

A Word from Tom Lanchoney,
Founder of Eternitree

The seed for Eternitree was planted as I was working in the garden shortly after my Dad passed away. Dad loved to be in the presence of his trees and plants. He knew them all by name. He felt a genuine kinship with each member of his "garden club." In effect, he shared their life.

That day in the garden, I sensed a spiritual connection with my Dad to celebrate his love of life by planting new life in the form of a tree. By planting a tree in his memory, I not only commemorated his physical life while he was here on earth, but his eternal life as well.

While my inspiration for forming Eternitree was to honor my Dad's passing, I am just as motivated to celebrate the joyful moments of life. Occasions such as births, holidays, birthdays, baptisms, engagements, weddings, and graduations are all wonderful opportunities to celebrate with the gift of life with trees and plants.

I also wish to share my Dad's generous spirit through Eternitree. I am committed to donating a portion of all sales proceeds to charity.  I believe, like my Dad did, that giving back produces a flourishing garden.

Celebrate life with Eternitree.
NOTE: Our trees and plants are guaranteed FOR LIFE. We will replace your tree or plant free of charge if it doesn't survive for any reason.